I was born in a small town in snow-white Siberia, where April, my month of birth, is still dead of winter. I spent my childhood in colourful Ukraine, at that time still a republic of the Soviet Union. As a pupil of an art school, I met figurative art at the age of five. Since then, the portait has not left me.

In my studies of art in Dortmund, Germany, I focused on painting and photography, because these two disciplines hit the portrait particularly well. In my current work, I have finally decided on painting as my language. 

My story is always part of my creative process. I am passionate about identity as it is always accompanied by emotion. I emigrated to Germany in the early 1990s as a teenager. From this point on, return, reflection and the search for the self form both my personal and artistic focus. My portraits turn inside. I want to make awareness processes visible and create an emotional mirror for the viewer.

dasha minkina.

Heßstr. 88

80798 München