studio dasha minkina.


I create moods.
I look inside.

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03|05 – 16|06 2024

‚Close Closer Closed – Zwischen Nähe und Isolation‘, Pop Up Gallery @KUNSTLABOR 2, München (solo)


14|06 – 14|07 2024

Jahresausstellung GEDOK (group)

Städtische Galerie im Fürstengang, Neuburg an der Donau


11|07 – 21|07 2024

MITosis – Kunst zwischen Verwandlung und Verbindung, Kopfbau in Riem, München (group)


28|11 – 22|12 2024

GEDOK, München (group)



@ super+ | KUNSTLABOR 2 | Dachauerstr. 90 | 3.OG | Munich
happy to welcome you (by appointment)

super+ | KUNSTLABOR 2 | Dachauerstr. 90 | 3.OG | Munich
happy to welcome you (by appointment)

  • This image was created as part of a collaborative exhibition and was inspired by a photograph by Stanislav Erman. It only shows a vague female figure rising from the heavenly gray. Her face is only illuminated on one side; day and night seem to unite in it. In her hands she holds what appears to be a small music box, because it symbolically turns the time. Just a hint of white suggests an aura around her head like a barely noticeable halo.
  • Created during the global pandemic, this self-portrait explores loss, isolation and loneliness in the search for insight. This large format is part of the "Alone. Pandemic Edition" series and shows a highly abstracted face. The head slightly lowered, the gaze averted. Painterly and graphic elements in earthy colors complement each other to create a striking mix. In places, the underlying emotion runs down with the color.
  • A couple in the bathtub, candlelight, a tender and at the same time depressed mood. One of the partners seems to be somewhere else - with a feeling, a thought, a memory? He is held calmly by the other person, full of loving care. At this moment, the two of them are firmly anchored together, even if there is nothing permanent in life. Hence the title: 'Temporary Permanence'
  • A triangle constellation is immersed in the red light of a party. What is happening, has happened or will happen between the three will probably remain a mystery forever. The picture is called 'Happy Hour' - the viewer has to find out for themselves whether irony is involved. What is exciting is the different, contrasting degrees of abstraction, which ranges from merely hinted at outlines to moderate elaboration to realistic details.


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