„ALONE. Pandemic Edition“

„In Isolation“, oil on canvas, 50x40cm, 2021

„ALONE. Pandemic Edition“ should originally have been an exhibition that deals with my isolation in the Corona period. Due to the shutdown I was not allowed to open the exhibition to visitors. It has therefore been postponed as such to an indefinite date.

The situation forced me to rethink my project, for which I am grateful today. I transformed the exhibition into a life painting performance. So I would still be there. Be present and paint in the gallery all day on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday in January. Visitors could stop by, watch me work through the shop window and thus support my art project.

The life painting performance taught me a lot of things, I was incredibly productive and was able to draw a line under the self-portrait project for myself for the time being.

Piece after piece I will here show all the works that were created during this performance. I am still working on them. Once they are all finished, I will show all these works in an exhibition as planned. „ALONE. Pandemic Edition“ is still waiting to be seen.

I would like to thank the media that reported so generously about my project, I thank each and every one of you who came by to say „hello“, and also everyone who followed my work digitally and supported it with it.

about the project

„Knowing yourself lets you understand others.“

Jenny Holzer

Well, yes. There is a personal story in this exhibition. 

Loss. Isolation. Loneliness. Identity crisis. While the world population is going through the global pandemic, I am going through my very personal life crisis. Is there a connection? Or some interaction? Why can’t I get rid of the feeling that many other people are doing the same right now?

I turn my gaze from the outside in. Change of perspective: self-portrait series. 

I look myself deep in the eyes. The brush guides my hand. My subconscious speaks to me, I don’t filter or evaluate. The emotions are immediate. As if blood was running out of the vein.

The deeper the look, the bigger the questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What am I actually capable of when I’m completely on my own?

Questions without answers. Questions that lead to more questions.

Can isolation promote healing?
But wait, there is no self-healing without self-knowledge.
No self-knowledge without contact…
So how can I get in touch with myself?

With the work on display, I look for something in myself. Something that I have lost several times in my life. Something I cannot name at this point. Something you might have lost, too. Something we will need to survive this global crisis of uncertainty and fear. 

It is not just my inner world of questions and emotions that I want to share with you. My self-portraits reflect on complex social and political issues of our time. They represent crisis, isolation, lack of self-love and self-confidence. They symbolize the collective demand of healing.

Can I heal myself? And if so, can we all heal ourselves?

ALONE. Pandemic Edition”
An exhibition by dasha minkina.

06|01 – 30|01 2021
Schleißheimerstr 62, Munich
due to COVID19:
live painting in the shop window on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays